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Feed the monster

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Augmented Reality

Befriend your math monster!


When your child thinks that maths is too hard or too easy, it will be difficult to find the right motivation. Often, maths may seems like a MONSTER lurking around the corner. Now we will change all that! MathMonsters is the app that will help your child to find the joy of arithmetics! The game engages children from preschool and up, and even adults!

Befriend your math monster!

MathMonsters is produced by experience teachers and developers of learning materials who’s passion is maths and pedagogy.


MathMonsters helps children ages 5 and up practice arithmetics, addition, and subtraction. Fun rewards keep their motivation high.

Warm up in Practice Mode by counting blocks, money, or by using the notepad in your device. Helpful hints make it easier to crack the math code!

Challenge your self in the Monster Feeding Mode, where the monsters receive food when you answer correctly. Can you fill their stomachs?

Collect stars  by completing the Monster Feeding Mode. Stars unlock puzzle pieces that allow you to interact with your MathMonster in our Augmented Reality, and also unlocks items in the Avatar Shop, so you can design your own avatar!