How to navigate

When you enter the app for the first time, you get to read a short story about the math monsters. When you exit the story, you come to the Home Screen. Here you can choose what numbers to practice. You can also get to the Avatar Shop or the Puzzles View by taping on them at the top. If you tap on the small helper monster you get an overview of stars and other achievements.

When you’ve chosen what numbers to practice, you get to a view where you can choose between different types of calculations. Scroll sideways to see all alternatives. Each alternative is connected to one piece of a puzzle. When you’ve decided on an alternative you can choose between ”Practice mode” and ”Feeding mode”.

Practice mode

In practice mode you get instructions and tips about how to think and what strategies to use. Here you can choose different tools to help you count and learn.

Feeding mode

Here you can practice what you’ve learnt in four different games. You collect stars that unlock puzzle pieces and new items for you avatar, as well as e-dimes (coins) that you can use in the Avatar Shop.

Choose the correct answer

Tap on one of three alternatives. If the answer is correct you will feed the monster. If not, you will get a new question.

Drag and drop the answers

Drag and place the alternatives presented at the top, in the boxes below in a way that gets you a correct answer. Tap the food button when you are done to feed the monster.

Tap on the dots

Tap on the dots so that the amount of dots matches the answer of the calculation presented at the top. Tap the food button when you’re done to feed the monster.

Connect the numbers

Drag the hose and attach to the correct alternative. Tap the food button when you’re done to feed the monster.

Write the correct answer

Use buttons to write the correct answer. Tap the food button when you’re done to feed the monster.

Draw a line between the numbers and signs

Drag the food container in the middle and draw lines between numbers and signs to make a correct calculation show at the top. The food container will automatically open when you connect five items. If you make a mistake, you can start again by tapping the refresh button in the bottom left.

Stars and coins

For each successfully completed exercise in Feed the Monster mode, you are awarded with stars and e-dimes. Collect stars to unlock new puzzle pieces and new items for you Avatar, and collect e-dimes to make purchases in the Avatar Shop.

Avatar shop

Tap on your Avatar in the home screen to get to the Avatar Shop. Chose between masks, hairstyles, clothing, and body colour by tapping one of the buttons at the bottom. Use the arrows to navigate between different types of items and colours. You have to feed the monster to collect stars that unlock new items, and collect e-dimes to buy these items. Some items are already unlocked and ready for purchase from the start. For masks and clothing, you only have to purchase once; hairstyles and body colours always cost e-dimes. You choose an item you already own by tapping “Choose” button. To buy a new item, tap on the price of the item that is displayed in the same button. You can get an overview of the items by using the button down to the left.

Puzzle pieces

When you have collected nine stars in Feeding mode, you get a piece of the puzzle. You can also navigate to the puzzle buy tapping on the puzzle image next to the avatar. You can navigate to the exercises connect to a puzzle piece by tapping on it.

Augmented reality

When you’ve finished a puzzle you can get a visit from the monster you collected. Write an “M” somewhere – on a piece of paper or your hand. Tap on a completed puzzle to access the camera. Try to centre the “M” on the screen to see the monster. You can also take a photo if you want.